What to Expect

A Guide for New Clients

First Visit: Ā The purpose of the first visit is to gather information and determine what we can do to help you. We will review your paperwork, along with any recent tests you have endured. We will listen to you, and ask you to discuss your concerns with Dr. Stohrer. We will perform a kinesiology exam to determine the energetic effects of stress on your glands, organs, and body systems. You will be evaluated for oxidative stress through a urine test called a meta-oxy test, and breath test called Revelar. Once this is complete, Dr. Stohrer will discuss with you whether he thinks you will respond to this type of natural health care. If any additional medical tests are needed, they will be recommended at this time, and some natural supplements may be recommended to begin the healing process. You will then be scheduled for you 2nd appointment, which is called the ā€œReport of Findings.ā€ The first appointment takes one hour, and you are asked to bring with you any supplements and medications you habitually take to determine their energetic effects on your body. Payment will be made at the time of service, and you will be given a New Patient Packet to take home to familiarize yourself with our office, our policies, and what to expect.

Second Visit:Ā Ā This visit is called the Report of Findings, where Dr. Stohrer will discuss with you the findings of the urine test, breath test, blood tests, and kinesiology exam. He will let you know what he has found that is creating the stress within you and how to correct it. Your Personalized Nutritional Program will be explained to you at this point. This will include natural supplements, detoxification procedures, emotional balancing techniques, dietary suggestions, and your appointment schedule. At this time, many of our clients choose our payment savings option, which will be discussed with you. Once both parties agree to proceed, we will schedule you for your subsequent visits to monitor your progress to ensure we are helping you achieve optimal health and well-being.

Follow-Up Visits: Ā These visits generally last fifteen minutes, and its purpose is to monitor your progress with the kinesiology testing and possibly urine and/or breath testing, if needed. If you would like more time with Dr. Stohrer,Ā this will need to be scheduled in advance. Ā Additional fees apply.

Please take a moment to become familiar with what to expect regarding our fees for office visits or time spent with Dr. Stohrer. Although the reason youĀ are seeking assistance may vary from physical health issues, emotional concerns, pain, or help with performance/coachingā€¦.we have one simple fee schedule as follows:

How much does it cost?

The initial visit is 1 hour and hourly rates apply ($225). You are asked to bring with you any nutritional suppliments, herbs, homeopathics andĀ medications so we may determineĀ its Ā energetic effects upon your body system using kinesiology.

Discounts are given to those who attend our new client class as well as those who view this class remotely via SKYPE (a $40 savings). We find that those who attend this class get well faster, learn valuable information, and save money and time in the long run. We always appreciate the opportunity to share with you what has helped so many of our clients achieve their goals and return to health faster.

Follow up visits are:

Up to 15 minutes = $60

30 minutes = $120

1 hourĀ Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  =Ā  $225

How long does it take to get well?

This depends upon several factors. Your compliance with our recommendations and the willingness to change your mind about health and healing are critical to a speedy recovery. This can not be overstated. However, we typically have a 90 day program that has worked successfully in more than 85% of our clients. Each person has unique concerns. With that being said, your care plan will be discussed with you during your second visit (Report of Findings), and we will agree upon what is needed to help you achieve your goals. Here we will also share with you what we have discovered during our testing procedures and get at the root of your problem.

What if I donā€™t live in the area? Can I still be helped?


This is a great question. Approximately 40% of our clients are from various parts of the USA and other countries. We can do this because of the fact that kinesiology can be done long distance due to the nature of non-linear dynamics (quantum mechanics) that allows the sharing of information through collective consciousness. This sounds a bit far out until one understands quantum physics, but the answer is yesā€¦.the results will amaze you. Dr. Stohrer will also review your blood test, etc. and discuss this with you on the phone or via SKYPE.

What if this stuff is so AWESOME that I want to hire this guy for a day or weekend?


Dr. Stohrer has lectured throughout the country on natural health and consciousness and would enjoy speaking with you personally one on one or to a group setting.

Full days can be scheduled from 8-5pm and the fee is $3500. This is for coaching and clearing sessions using Emotional Freedom Technique, kinesiology, health and wellness concepts, etc to identify and release any self limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from realizing our goals and aspirations.

Please note that these sessions are limited and need to be scheduled and paid for in advance.