Kinesiology/ Muscle Testing

kinesiology, muscle testing, nutrition response testingKinesiology (Muscle Testing) is now considered an established science that has gained acceptance by a variety of health practitioners and the public. Used by alternative medicine practitioners and medical doctors alike, this muscle testing technique provides instant feedback regarding energetic responses communicated through your body’s muscle system. Simply put, that which is true or supportive to life creates a temporary strengthening of the body’s energy system and the corresponding muscle tested. Alternatively, that which is false, not true, or not supportive of life temporarily creates a weakening of the body’s energy system and corresponding muscle tested.

The ability to discern truth from non truth, as it applies to kinesiology (muscle testing), is a recent medical discovery and brings with it untold implications in all medical fields of discovery, especially health and healing. Kinesiology can be used to determine the energetic response of a substance (i.e. supplements, medications, thoughts) and whether it will be beneficial for improving health (strong muscle) or non supportive of health (weak muscle).  We can literally access the energetic functioning of glands, organs, nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity, repressed emotions, and more. Imagine having a simple yes or no answer to questions such as—is this supplement good for me? Yes or no. Is this medication good or bad for me? Yes or no. Is the decision I am about to make a good or bad one? Yes or no. Does taking this job serve the highest good for me? Yes or no. John Doe is telling the truth about this situation? Yes or no.

The implications of having a way to determine the truth about anything within seconds are staggering to the mind at first. Imaging how this could change your life and the way you perceive the world. It has been said “…know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” This important quote from the bible rings true today, and the ability to discern the truth has arrived with the help of kinesiology and muscle testing. Truth can no longer be hidden, and all information from the past and present is accessible. This concept might sound alarming at first, to find out all of our thoughts, deeds, and actions are recorded in a database called collective consciousness and available simply by asking. However, those who are ready to receive the truth will find their lives are greatly enhanced by letting go of false, limiting beliefs and embracing the truth that awaits discovery. Many will not be ready for this in their lives and will choose not to accept it. This is a function of denial by the ego and an attempt to delay healing. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Kinesiology as used in our natural medicine office, is for obtaining information concerning where our stress is coming from. Stress has negative effects on our cells, glands, organs, hormones, neurotransmitters, detoxification pathways, oxidative stress levels, chi, life energy, chakras, mind, emotions, meridians, and vitamin and mineral status. Kinesiology is used to pinpoint the causes of your health concerns and takes the guessing game out of the decision making process. We also use scientific testing such as blood and urine testing, along with other tests to help gain information regarding improving health and wellness. Kinesiology is one of few techniques available in the world today that can access the subtle energetic changes that precede physical disease and its feedback is priceless.

For more information about kinesiology and muscle testing, please view our video library, which will provide further information regarding kinesiology and muscle testing.

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