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Dr. Brett Stohrer

An expert in Applied Kinesiology and the nature of consciousness, Dr. Stohrer has been practicing chiropractic and Natural Medicine for over 20 years. He is well-known in the Hilton Head area for helping thousands of people overcome physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

He uses a non-invasive muscle testing technique and comprehensive blood testing to keep you and your family healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.

It’s Time to Experience Improved Health Through Natural Medicine.¬†

Welcome to a Better You!

Hello, my name is Dr. Brett Stohrer. Welcome to my website, and thank you for visiting!

Chances are you have arrived at my website about health and natural medicine because you are looking for help with your health concerns, and your health problems have not been resolved. Perhaps you have realized that there must be another way than¬†drug therapy for all your health challenges. Thankfully, there is! ¬†The information you are about to view will improve your life and well-being. Whether you are someone who has a¬†serious problem such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, pain, fatigue, insomnia, a¬†weakened immune system, or someone who knows the importance of pro-active preventative¬†NATURAL¬†MEDICINE, I am happy to tell you that you’ve arrived at the right place.

The time has come to take charge of our health. To take our power back. Numerous discoveries have occured in the fields of health and science that now allow us to improve our state of Well-Being.  Health is our  most precious commodity, and I am pleased to help you along your road to recovery.

My philosophy is simple. Illness can be avoided, corrected, and transcended once we start looking beyond symptom suppression with drugs and surgery, and get to the root causes of our health issues. This is not to say that drugs and surgery do not have their place. However, what we need is a HOLISTIC or whole person approach to health. One that looks at the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONS and ENERGY if optimal health is to be realized.

Stress is the cause of poor health, and identifying and removing the stress is the answer. So where is this stress coming from? The answer is everywhere! Contributing factors that increase stress are both internal and external and include poor diet, emotional stress, side effects from medications, fast paced lifestyle, the news, inadequate rest, unhealthy relationships, infections, chemicals and toxins in our environment, just to name a few.

Our program of health consists of evaluating and identifying the effects stress has had upon your health and help you to return to health with the help of alternative medicne. This is accomplished using a combination approach of alternative and traditonal methods. Our natural health program has proven to be successful over many years with a wide variety of health challenges.

Please give us a call today ! Your best life is awaiting!

Dr Brett Stohrer, DC

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