"I went to see Dr. Brett to see if he could help me off the cycle of antibiotics I was on. I was constantly getting infections of the stomach and the doctors would simply give me dose after dose of antibiotics. These did nothing but make me feel worse and give me other negative side effects. I was skeptical at first but after completing the twelve nutritional visit program, along with the detox program, I feel so much better. I am no longer sick, and I have not taken antibiotics in months. The detox program along with healthy eating made such a vast improvement on my moods, energy, and overall life energy. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Brett, especially if they are fed up with the care traditional doctors are giving. He is a miracle worker!"
Gina U.
Greenville, SC
"Dr. Brett, thank you so much. You have been my only doctor for two years. After going to your practice of holistic and alternative medicine, I have much more energy than I ever had before. I am no longer hypoglycemic, and I have a greater zest for life. I’m very thankful that you could even clear up the occasional bug and common cold viruses very quickly. You’ve helped with everything. My body is much healthier, and I can workout much harder in the gym. I am also happier mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’ve become much closer to my family and love life. You’ve changed my life. Thank you so much!"
Glenn J.
Hilton Head , SC