Revelar Testing

Free Radical Activity Evaluation:

The Revelar test is a simple breath test that is performed in our office to determine your free radical score. Free radicals are responsible for creating oxidative stress, and are a good way to measure your risk for chronic degenerative disease and premature aging.

Many factors affect free radical acitivity, including:

  •     Lack of sleep
  •     Dehydration
  •     Excessive psychological stress
  •     Exposure to cigarette smoke
  •     Exposure to chemical toxins
  •     Poor diet
  •     Excessive alcohol consumption
  •     Recreational drug use
  •     Certain medications
  •     Lack of exercise
  •     Too much exercise
  •     Exposure to environmental toxins, pesticides, and/or pollution
  •     Pre-existing disease states
  •     Supplements containing iron or copper
  •     Heavy metal toxicity (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc.)

Individual Free Radical Test Results and antioxidant requirements may vary. Adjust antioxidant intake according to test results.  Revelar scores range from 0 – 1000. Highest scores present the greatest risk.

Your Score: _____________________ Date: _______________

Recommended Retest Date: _________________


Key: <300 = Minimal; 301-399 = Very low; 400-499 = Low; 500-599 = Moderate;

600-699 = Moderately High; 700-799 = High; 800-899 = Very high; 900-1000 = Severe



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