Meta-Oxy Test

Why This Urinary Test?

Systemic Formula’s Meta-Oxy® Test helps your health practitioner determine how much cell membrane damage is occurring in your body. Cells have three membranes: 1) the cell wall that defines cellular structure and maintains integrity, 2) the mitochondrial membrane that supports the cell’s life-energy processes, and 3) the nuclear membrane that protects the sacrosanct genome (your genetic code—DNA) and epigenome (your DNA expression controllers).

Free Radicals (aka Reactive Oxygen Species) caused by environmental chemicals (e.g. air, water, food), skin contact (household cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.), as well as from the cells’ energy-producing processes (ATP production) can damage membranes and reduce the effectiveness of cellular processes including energy, immune system communications, and hormone function. Prolonged free radical damage to the DNA strands results in cell death, auto-immune, and chronic degenerative diseases. By understanding the extent of damage occurring, your health professional can better recommend supplementation that: 1) protects the cell membranes (anti-oxidants), 2) increases glutathione (the body’s premier anti-oxidant and detoxifier), and 3) facilitates membrane repair.


Why This Urinary Test Is Critically Important?

Cellular inflammation is the “silent killer” associated with heart and cardiovascular disease, free radical pathologies such as cancer, the inability of hormones to work properly, and thus is the root cause of insulin resistance and weight-loss resistance, mitochondrial diseases (all of the “no known cause, no known cure” diseases of medicine), and other mentally and physically disabling diseases. This makes Meta-Oxy an important health and wellness urinary test, and will empower people to be pro-active with nutritional support. Your detox program already contains anti-oxidant support to protect your cells and help your body reduce inflammation. The Meta-Oxy Test screens for cellular inflammation levels that may require more anti-oxidant support to gain the most benefits possible.


What Meta-Oxy Quantifies?

The reagent in the urinary test vial reacts with aldehydes in the urine, specifically the malondialdehyde released when fats are metabolized. The cell membranes account for most of the fat in the body, particularly since the brain is exempt from metabolizing fat for energy. Therefore, the level of malondialdehyde in the urine is directly proportional to the amount of oxidized fat, which in technical terms is called lipid peroxidation. The more malondialdehyde in the urine, the greater the cell membrane damage that occurs. People who are overweight often report weight loss during the detox program, particularly if they avoid all grain products during the program. Part of fat burning that helps weight loss is the lipid peroxidation process that demands increased antioxidant support. Take this urinary test now to avoid continued damage to your overall well-being, and discuss your results with your health practitioner.


How Accurate Is The Meta-Oxy Test?

 The Meta-Oxy Test is fifty times more accurate than a blood test. There is a subjective element because the interpretation is based on a perception of color concentration. The more malondialdehyde in the urine, the darker the color change from the yellows of urine to the magenta of malondialdehyde presence that reveals the extent of lipid peroxidation (cell membrane damage). The darker the result, the more damage is occurring.


How To Interpret The Meta-Oxy Colorimetric Scale?

The established scale is 0 through 7. Scores of 0 – 2 are deemed to be a safe level—a level that suggests the body has available glutathione and other anti-oxidants (from organic fruit, vegetables, and supplementation) necessary to protect its cells. Scores of 3 – 7 indicate that excessive oxidative damage to the cell membranes is occurring and that increasing organic fruit and vegetables is needed along with anti-oxidant supplementation.

Subsequent testing reveals the efficacy of the dietary and supplemental regimen, as the magenta color will lighten toward a pale magenta color, and subsequently leading to a score of lower numbers.

If you are taking B-Vitamin supplementation that is causing your urine to become bright yellow, this will alter the magenta color of your test specimen, but you will still be able to tell the darkness of the color shift. It is best to skip a dose of your B-Vitamins if they are making your urine bright yellow. Allow some time for your urine to obtain a normal color, and then take your Meta-Oxy Test.


Can A Person Take Too Many Antioxidants?

Yes. However, it is considerably difficult to do and virtually unknown, especially with the current dietary pattern that includes chemicals, pesticides, and food additives coupled with the daily onslaught of chemical toxins in the air and water supply. The Meta-Oxy Test allows a person to see the efficacy of their anti-oxidant program, and it safeguards against taking too many antioxidants, whereby the test’s resulting color would repeatedly be at zero. Having conducted hundreds of Meta-Oxy tests, I have never once found a person who had too many antioxidants!


What Does It Mean To Optimize Antioxidants?

Freedom from disease is a concise answer. Every second that we are alive, our body’s innate intelligence must make a critical decision at the cellular level—to make a methyl molecule or glutathione molecule from a homocysteine molecule. (Sorry for the cellular biology, but now you know.) Both molecules are vitally important. Recently, researchers are finding people are deficient in methyl molecules that safeguard our genetic expressions and help transmute toxins for proper detoxification. Science has had much longer discussions regarding glutathione deficiencies and its impact on cellular health, detoxification, and disease processes. For this reason, Systemic Formulas, Inc. has pioneered a methylation formula called MoRS (Methylation Donors) and a broad-spectrum antioxidant formula called ROX (Super Antioxidant with Resveratrol). By supporting both sides of the ‘critical decision’ issue in your detox program (you have both formulas in the program) means rewarding clinical outcomes and noticeably improved body processes associated with better health.


How To Take The Meta-Oxy Test?

Taking this urine test is easy. Simply collect urine in the cup and use the pipette to put some of the urine in the vial. Then, between one and three minutes, match the color to the provided color chart and note your score. Discuss the results with your health practitioner.


What To Do If My Meta-Oxy Score Is Too High?

Consult with your natural health practitioner, who will decide what antioxidant protocol is right for you. Most people will improve their score within a few weeks by taking the ROX formula. A few may need to address a deeper cellular issue called the “NO/ONOO cycle,” and the formula EPIC may be recommended. Some people may need to support the methylation aspect with MoRS before optimizing their Meta-Oxy score.


What Does An Optimal Meta-Oxy Score Mean?

Whatever it takes, an optimal Meta-Oxy score means your body is functioning in good health—preventing diseases, optimizing hormone processes, detoxifying properly, and maintaining the best cellular health possible. We live and die at the cellular level. Optimal cellular health promotes longevity and a life free of disease. An optimal Meta-Oxy score is a terrific blessing for the body and life!

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